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Kovsh — Firebird

  • Превью бокала
  • Превью бокала
  • Превью бокала
  • Превью бокала
  • Превью бокала
  • 950 000 ₽

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SetThe price is for 1 piece of jewelry
TechniquesStained-glass enamel, silver filigree, gilding
size180 mm (length), 110 mm (width), 84 mm (height)
Year of creation2022

The Kovsh Firebird has a unity of shape, ornament and color - characteristic of the Russian style. The base of the product is created from 925 silver filigree. The soldered openwork ornament is a solid frame of the product. Stained-glass enamel is colorfully embedded in the created silver pattern. Each enamel color has its own melting point - this is how the product undergoes multiple firing in muffle furnaces at temperatures of 720-760 degrees.

Despite the apparent fragility, enamel works that have undergone high-temperature firing in a muffle furnace have retained a rich palette and brightness of colors for centuries. In color, shine, iridescence, stained glass enamel has similarities with precious stones and, moreover, acts as a jewel on a par with them. And the undoubted advantage of art works with stained-glass enamels is their functionality. Stained-glass enamel is one of the most difficult and time–consuming enameling techniques. It is rightfully considered the top of enamel art.

​Gilding gives a modern sound to the product, while eventually becoming covered with patina, it will take on a noble antiquarian shade, revealing the color play of stained-glass enamel. The elegance of the form, the brilliance of gilding, the color saturation of enamel and the richness of the decor turn a utilitarian thing into a work of art for its intended purpose.